CmsLite v1.1 Upgrade

First Release: Friday, March 18, 2016
Latest Update: Sunday, May 07, 2016
Author: BeKirk []
Seller: BeKirk []

Thank you for using CmsLite.
If you have any addition questions addition that have not been answered in this upgrade file, please feel free to email me via the email address above.


This is the first major upgrade for CmsLite.
The update includes many new features and additional code changes for a faster performance
A changelog is included and shown at the end of this file or see it here.
There are two methods for installing this upgrade manual and automatic
Both these methods are explained in more detail later in this document.

Backup Everything

Remember to backup all files and your database before upgrading using either of the above mentioned methods.


Copy the Upgrade folder to your main site where ever you have stored your CmsLite (This will be where your config.php file is situated)

  • For example if all your CmsLite files and folders are stored in ROOT/ then copy the upgrade folder here.
  • If you folders and files are stored within a folder in your Root like so ROOT/Your WebSite/ then copy the upgrade folder here.

In your browser type in http://www.YourWebSite/upgrade and you will see the start page as shown in figure 1

Fig.1 - Manual Start Page

Before going forward you need to choose either Manual or Automatic File Installation (These are explained below)

File Installation

When upgrading your site to the latest version of CmsLite there are two methods Manual or Automatic these methods are related to how files are copied over and are explained in more detailed below.
We reccommend the automatic version for ease of use but if you have changed the code in any of the files a good program to use to compare files is Winmerge.
This program will compare individual files or folders for line changes of code making it easier to copy files over. (Remembering to backup your site first.)
This program can be found here WINMERGE


By selecting Manual Installation only the database queries will be upgraded all files will have to be copied over to your site manually. (These files are listed below.)
Firstly open the Manual Upgrade Files folder and find, then copy over the files to your site in this order. Once finished please follow the installation process after automatic installation.

File To File
/404.php ----- /
/common.php ----- /
/index.php ----- /
/maintenance.php ----- /
admin/backup.php ----- admin/
admin/common.php ----- admin/
admin/events.php ----- admin/
admin/header.php ----- admin/
admin/index.php ----- admin/
admin/language.php ----- admin/
admin/login_cl.php ----- admin/
admin/menu.php ----- admin/
admin/pages.php ----- admin/
admin/settings.php ----- admin/
admin/simheader.php ----- admin/
admin/template.php ----- admin/
admin/help/file.php ----- admin/help/
admin/help/template.php ----- admin/help/
admin/help/images/Info.jpg ----- admin/help/images/
admin/help/images/Install.jpg ----- admin/help/images/
admin/help/images/Install2.jpg ----- admin/help/images/
admin/help/images/Installed.jpg ----- admin/help/images/
admin/help/images/LiveView.jpg ----- admin/help/images/
admin/help/images/SetDefault.jpg ----- admin/help/images/
admin/help/images/UnInstall.jpg ----- admin/help/images/
classes/class_db.php ----- classes/
classes/class_page.php ----- classes/
classes/class_settings.php ----- classes/
classes/class_styles.php ----- classes/
classes/class_tools.php ----- classes/
images/flags/ja.png ----- images/flags
includes/constants.php ----- includes/
includes/contact.php ----- includes/
includes/countrycode_array.php ----- includes/
includes/footer.php ----- includes/
includes/functions.php ----- includes/
includes/header.php ----- includes/
includes/include_import.php ----- includes/
includes/int.php ----- includes/
includes/nav.php ----- includes/
language/EN/language.php ----- language/EN/
templates/admin/admin.css ----- templates/admin/
templates/admin/backup.tpl ----- templates/admin/
templates/admin/filemanager.tpl ----- templates/admin/
templates/admin/footer.tpl ----- templates/admin/
templates/admin/language.tpl ----- templates/admin/
templates/admin/login.tpl ----- templates/admin/
templates/admin/login.tpl ----- templates/admin/
templates/admin/navigation.tpl ----- templates/admin/
templates/admin/pages.tpl ----- templates/admin/
templates/admin/settings.tpl ----- templates/admin/
templates/admin/template.tpl ----- templates/admin/
templates/BeDark ----- templates/
templates/BeLite/contactus.tpl ----- templates/BeLite
templates/BeLite/header.tpl ----- templates/BeLite
templates/BeLite/theme_info.cfg ----- templates/BeLite
templates/BeLite/images/logo.png ----- templates/BeLite/images
templates/BeLite/images/screenshot.jpg ----- templates/BeLite/images
templates/BeLite/css/BeLite.css ----- templates/BeLite/css
templates/BeLite/css/header.css ----- templates/BeLite/css
templates/common/fontawesome/css/font-awesome.css ----- templates/common/fontawesome/css/
templates/common/fontawesome/css/font-awesome.min.css ----- templates/common/fontawesome/css/
templates/common/fontawesome/fonts/fontawesome-webfont.svg ----- templates/common/fontawesome/fonts/
templates/common/bootstrap/css/bootstrap-theme.css ----- templates/common/bootstrap/css/
templates/common/bootstrap/css/ ----- templates/common/bootstrap/css/
templates/common/bootstrap/css/bootstrap-theme.min.css ----- templates/common/bootstrap/css/
templates/common/bootstrap/css/bootstrap.css ----- templates/common/bootstrap/css/
templates/common/bootstrap/css/ ----- templates/common/bootstrap/css/
templates/common/bootstrap/css/bootstrap.min.css ----- templates/common/bootstrap/css/
templates/common/bootstrap/js/bootstrap.js ----- templates/common/bootstrap/js/
templates/common/bootstrap/js/bootstrap.min.js ----- templates/common/bootstrap/js/
templates/common/styles/codeelements.css ----- templates/common/styles/
templates/common/styles/color.css ----- templates/common/styles/
templates/common/styles/essentials.css ----- templates/common/styles/
templates/common/js/general.js ----- templates/common/js/
templates/common/js/jquery-latestest.min.js ----- templates/common/js/
templates/common/js/modal.js ----- templates/common/js/
templates/common/js/jscookie.js ----- templates/common/js/
templates/common/js/scripts.js ----- templates/common/js/
uploads/thumb/images/Demo/testimon10.jpg ----- uploads/thumb/images/Demo/

Remove Files

These files need to be manually removed from your site

File Remove From File
includes/function_styles.php ----- includes/
includes/icon_array.php ----- includes/
includes/pages.php ----- includes/
images/flags/jp.png ----- images/flags/
images/logos/logo12.png ----- images/logos/
itemplates/admin/message.tpl ----- templates/admin/
itemplates/common/styles/addons.css ----- templates/common/styles/
itemplates/common/styles/misc.css ----- templates/common/styles/

Once finished please follow the installation process after automatic installation.


Choosing automatic installation will install all new files, update your database and remove any files that are no longer required.

Fig.2 - Automatic Installation

Simply select automatic and click on the start button.

Installation Wizard

The next screen you should be familiar with as it was used when installing CmsLite.

Fig.3 - Database Details

Fill out your database details

Reminder! if you used a prefix before remember to add this otherwise your tables will not be found.
Reminder! Always test the connection to your database to avoid unnecessary errors.

Click continue.

The next page gathers all the information and prepares the script ready for upgrading.
Before pressing continue it is best to make sure you have checked everything as everything will be upgraded at this point.

Fig.4 - Ready to Install

When everything is done you will be shown the completed page. explaining what to do next

Fig.5 - Completed Page
Reminder! Do not forget to remove the upgrade folder from your site.

All Finished.

NEW Admin Template Design

Template Entry Page

The Administrator Template page has been redesigned for a better look and feel.
In addition you the user can see template details and even live preview of all Installed templates.

Fig.6 - Template Index Page

By hovering over the template screenshot you can also install a template, uninstall a template, make a template your site default.
Future updates will better ultilize this page so designing your website will become easier..


Name URL
Font Awesome

Change Log

Version 1.1 – 30 May 2016

  • NEW: Added OOP classes for faster perfomance
  • NEW: Added User Language select on front end (This can be switched of in Admin Settings)
  • NEW: Added option in Admin Settings to use logo included in template folder or use uploaded one.
  • NEW: Added Meta Description for user made pages.
  • NEW: Redesigned Admin Templates entry page
    • Screenshot of all templates in the template folder
    • Template Details including version, author etc
    • All Installed templates can be viewed Live
  • NEW: New template BeDark
  • NEW: Alert function created to increase page load in Admin Sections
  • NEW: CSS classes for easier template designs
    • When cloning a default template i.e Belite only a few CSS classes to change colours
    • Updated Custom Page sourcesfor better design included sections
  • NEW: Added Copyright Notice to Administrator Panel.
  • UPDATED: Bootstrap to Version 3.3.6
  • UPDATED: Font-Awesome to Version 4.6.1
  • UPDATED: jquery to latest version
  • CHANGED: Common StyeSheets changed for easier location of code.
  • CHANGED: Rewrote general.js to increase speed
  • CHANGED: Administraors panel Welcome Now states username not login name.
  • CHANGED: Moved code from includes/page.php to index.php, sped up page load.
  • CHANGED: Moved SQL tables constants to common.php and created new classes from this file
  • FIXED: Redirection when Admin logged in redirects to dashboard
  • FIXED: Lots of small code fixes and changes

Intial Release Version 1.0 – 18 March 2016

Future Updates

We will continue to update and improve CmsLite allowing for anyone to make a web site designed around their own template.

Thank you again for purchasing and supporting CmsLite